Ozarks Trip and Shenandoah Countdown!

So, I got the pics together for the latest trip.  I put together one album for the Taum Sauk section hike on the Ozark Trail and another for the time we spent off the trail at Alley Spring, Rocky Falls and Klepzig Mill.  Still working on identifying some flowers but it's gettin' there.  Here's a … Continue reading Ozarks Trip and Shenandoah Countdown!

Chigger Hell and Shenandoah Dreamin’

Loonie and I made it out for an overnight trip to Goggins Mountain in Missouri recently.  Just a short 3+ miles up from Johnson Shutins State Park to the pretty glade I was at in May.  The heat wave we had been experiencing here in the Midwest finally broke so it seemed like a good … Continue reading Chigger Hell and Shenandoah Dreamin’