One Filter to Rule Them All?

Regardless of all the "To Be Determined" stuff from my last post, I figured that one way or another I'll still be backpacking. I'm always keeping an eye out for, and mulling over ways to shed ounces off what I'm ultimately having to move up the trail. Naturally, if you're carrying around extra POUNDS of … Continue reading One Filter to Rule Them All?



MRI and consultation with the neurosurgeon at Saint Louis University Hospital to determine if I'm a candidate for DBS have been bumped out to January.  For now I'm just doing some research and compiling questions prior to the consultation.  As I mentioned in the last post, I have a lot of reservations about moving forward with … Continue reading SERENITY NOW!!!

An Essential Tremor Journey. Decisions, decisions…

Well, I had my initial evaluation for Essential Tremor treatment using DBS by one of the neurosurgeons at SLU (Saint Louis University) hospital and he has now referred me to the neurosurgeon that would actually perform the procedure.  And they’re sending me to a neuropsychologist to make sure that I’m actually ok psychologically with proceeding … Continue reading An Essential Tremor Journey. Decisions, decisions…