Links of Interest

General Hiking/Backpacking Information

BackpackingLight – Ultralight backpacking resource, including a variety of forums.

Trail Journals – Years worth of hikers’ journals from trails all over, especially the Appalachian Trail.

The Trek – Hiking and backpacking information as well as hikers’ blogs.


“Make Your Own Gear” Materials

Dutchware – Dyneema Composite, X-Pac, insulation other materials and hardware.

RipstopByTheRoll – Dyneema Composite, X-Pac, insulation and other materials and hardware.

Quest Outfitters – X-Pac, insulation and other materials, hardware & kits.

Thru-Hiker – Assorted materials and kits.

Down Linens – Down.


Great Smoky Mountains National Park

General Info

Backcountry Permits


Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

AWOL’s Trail Guide Book

Guthook’s Guides – Trail guide app for your IPhone or Android device.


Hiking Legends

Grandma Gatewood

Nimblewill Nomad

Ray Jardine

Warren Doyle

Andrew Skurka


Other Links

Benign Essential Tremor

Alcoholics Anonymous


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