Gear Lists

Homemade Cuben Fiber Backpack
Homemade Cuben Fiber Backpack with Hipbelt Pockets: 10.50 oz

A. Six Moon Designs Deschutes CF tarp with Line Loc #3’s, Glowire & Stuff Sack: 8.46 oz.
B. 2 mil Plastic Drop Cloth Ground Sheet (36″ x 84″): 3.03 oz.
C. Vargo Titanium 6″ Hook Stakes (8) and Homemade Cuben Stuff Sack: 2.51 oz.

A. Homemade Down Quilt: 15.40 oz,
B. Homemade Cuben Dry Sack: 0.60 oz.
C. 1/8″ Evazote Pad (24″ x 74″): 4.16 oz.

A. Homemade Titanium Windscreen/Potstand: 0.67 oz.
B. Recycled Heineken Beer Can Pot and Lid with elastic wrist band for pot support: 1.38 oz.
C. Mini Bic Lighter: 0.40 oz.
D. Recycled Plastic Frozen Yogurt Spoon: 0.24 oz.
E. Homemade Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack: 0.09 oz.

A. Homemade Cuben Fiber Food Bag with Haul Loop: 1.22 oz.
B. Homemade Cuben Fiber Rock Sack: 0.09 oz.
C. ZPacks Mini Carabiner: 0.12 oz.
D. ZPacks 2.2 mm Orange Slick Z-Line (50 ft): 1.31 oz.

A. Recycled 1L Deja Blue Water Bottle (2): 2.46 oz.
& SmarTube Hydration Tube and Cap: 2.41 oz.
B. 2L Platypus Bottle: 1.35 oz.
C. Micropur ClO2 Tablets (25) in ziploc: 0.70 oz.

A. Montbell Thermawrap UL Jacket (XL): 10.45 oz.
B. Terramar Therm. II 1/4-Zip Top (L): 8.00 oz.
C. Terramar Therm. II Bottoms (L): 5.43 oz.
D. PossumDown Gloves (XL): 1.48 oz.
E. ZPacks Fleece Hat: 1.07 oz.
F. WrightSock CoolMesh II Crew Socks: 1.70 oz.
G. Dri-Ducks Rain Jacket & Pants (M): 9.85 oz.
H. Homemade Cuben Fiber Dry Sack for Clothes: 0.64 oz.
I. Homemade Cuben Fiber Dry Sack for Jacket: 0.46 oz.

A. Homemade Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack: 0.10 oz.
B. Finger-Tip Toothbrush in mini ziploc: 0.21 oz.
C. Dr. Bronner’s Soap in 1/3 oz Round Dropper Bottle (also used to brush teeth): 0.53 oz.
D. Purell Hand Sanitizer in 1/2 oz. Round Dropper Bottle: 0.84 oz.
E. Unscented Wet Wipes in ziploc (10): 0.76 oz.
F. 12″ x 12″ Light Load Towel: 0.26 oz.
G. Blue Shop Towel cut into squares for TP (20): 1.33 oz.

A. Generic Bug Headnet: 0.35 oz.
B. Aloksak: 0.32 oz.
C. Wilson (He’s been with every mile so far so I couldn’t leave him behind now): 0.10 oz.
D. Gossamer Gear Beeswax Lip Balm: 0.20 oz.
E. Ben’s 100% Deet in 1/3 oz. Oval Dropper Bottle: 0.51 oz.
F. Purell Hand Sanitizer in 1/2 oz. Round Dropper Bottle: 0.84 oz.
G. Sawyer SPF 50 Sunscreen in Coghlan’s 1/2 oz. Flip Top Container: 0.38 oz.
H. Petzl e+Lite Headlamp: 0.92 oz.
I. Spare Phone Battery in small ziploc: 1.82 oz.
J. WeatherMax All-Weather Note Pad Paper (5 sheets): 0.20 oz.
K. Cut Down Pencil with Ink Pen Cap: 0.15 oz.
L. 13 Gallon Kitchen Trash Bag: 0.28 oz.
M. UCO Stormproof Matches in mini ziploc (6): 0.19 oz.
N. Spark-Lite Fire Starter with 3 Tenders in mini ziploc: 0.31 oz.
O. Imodium (6) in mini ziploc: 0.03 oz.
P. Spare Batteries (2 CR2032’s for Petzl and 2 CR2016’s for Photon) in mini ziploc: 0.32 oz.
Q. Reel of Dental Floss and Needle for repairs in mini ziploc: 0.07 oz.
R. *** Skipped.  Apparently I don’t know my ABC’s! ***
S. Benadryl (6) in mini ziploc: 0.05 oz.
T. Assorted Bandages, Ointments, etc. in ziploc: 0.57 oz.
U. Ibuprofen (12) in mini ziploc: 0.13 oz.
V. Small Zip Tie (2): 0.03 oz.
W. Not shown – Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Phone: 8.85 oz.

—TOTAL BASE WEIGHT: 116.83 oz (7.3 lbs.)

A. Casio Twin Sensor Watch: 1.95 oz.
B. Mini Bic Lighter: 0.40 oz.
C. Paracord Bracelet: 0.67 oz.
D. Swiss Army Classic Knife: 0.74 oz.
E. Coghlan’s Compass/Thermometer: 0.45 oz.
F. UST JetScream Whistle: 0.10 oz.
G. Photon Freedom Micro Light (stripped): 0.24 oz.
H. Glowire Lanyard: 0.11 oz.
I. Eye Glasses and Clip-On Sunglasses: 1.08 oz.
J. Micro-Fiber Towel: 0.69 oz.
K. ID, Credit Card and Cash in small Aloksak: 0.87 oz.
L. Guide Book Pages in ziploc: 0.45 oz.

Black Diamond Distance Carbon FLZ Trekking Poles (with length of duct tape wrapped around each): 12.60 oz.

A. Old Eddie Bauer Zip-Off Pants: 15.16 oz.
B. Patagonia Capilene II 1/4″ Zip Top: 6.46 oz.
C. Under Armor Heat Gear Short Sleeve Shirt: 4.45 oz.
D. Ball Cap: 2.80 oz.
E. Ace Knee Brace: 6.95 oz.
F. Starter Synthetic Boxer-Briefs: 6.95
G. WrightSock CoolMesh II Crew Socks: 1.70 oz.
H. Merrell Moab XCR Shoes: 31.65


FOOD (4.5 days): 103.70 oz.
A. Assorted Repackaged Freeze Dried Meals (Mountain House)
B. Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink Mix
C. Trail Mix
D. Single Serve JIF Crunchy Peanut Butter
E. Tortillas (1/day)
F. Protein Meal Bars
G. Beef Steak Sticks
H. Assorted Clif and Power Bars
I. Assorted Dried Fruits

Repackaged Esbit Tablets (5): 3.00 oz.
Prescription Medications: 0.34 oz.
Water (generally no more than 2L): 70.40 oz.

—TOTAL CONSUMABLES WEIGHT (4.5 DAYS): 177.44 oz. (11.09 lbs.)

—FULL SKIN-OUT WEIGHT: 390.74 oz. (24.42 lbs.)


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