What’s up with the name “Bulldog’s Droppings”?
Hikers give each other trail names. Someone said I snore like his bulldog and that’s the name that stuck. So this is a place to deposit my crap.

Why does your site look so bad?
Because I suck at this sort of thing.

Then why are you messing with it in the first place?

  • Keep notes on trips, trails hiked, places we want to go, that sort of stuff.
  • Document projects we’re working on and get feedback from fellow hikers.
  • Share some favorite pics from places and things along the trail.

What’s up with all of the stupid trail sign pics?
Most of them are from the park (Great Smoky Mountains National Park) and they help me to keep things in chronological order and note places I’d like to return to.

Why can’t I find you on facebook, twitter, etc?
Yeah, right. Ain’t gonna happen.

I see your ugly mug but why don’t I see many other faces?
Loonie’s just not too wild about throwing ’em out on the web.

What? Who is Loonie?
That’s Mrs. Bulldog’s trail name.

Ok, so now I understand the whole trail name thing. You keep mentioning someone by the name of “Deep Woods”. Who in the heck is that?
A hiking buddy and most excellent friend. I don’t even want to imagine how he came about the name!


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