Spring 2018 AT Section Hike: Days 1-3

Deep Woods and I finished the AT section hike a day early, adding a few miles to each of the last three days to beat a storm system moving in.  Additionally,  Deep Woods got a text that a close friend had just passed away so he needed to get back home ASAP.  To make things … Continue reading Spring 2018 AT Section Hike: Days 1-3


Ozarks Trip and Shenandoah Countdown!

So, I got the pics together for the latest trip.  I put together one album for the Taum Sauk section hike on the Ozark Trail and another for the time we spent off the trail at Alley Spring, Rocky Falls and Klepzig Mill.  Still working on identifying some flowers but it's gettin' there.  Here's a … Continue reading Ozarks Trip and Shenandoah Countdown!