Shenandoah Album is up!

Made it through the pics from the Shenandoah AT section hike a couple of weeks ago and put an album of those up.  You can find that here.  In the process I discovered that the time was off on Loonie's T5i.  By approx 13 hrs!  That made going through them a challenge when trying to … Continue reading Shenandoah Album is up!


Ozark Trail – Taum Sauk Section Hike

Quick update and I'll fill the details in later.  Loonie and I wrapped up the 18 mi hike of the Taum Sauk section of the Ozark Trail recently (Highway 21 trail head...6 miles from Taum Sauk State the Highway N trail the scour).  It was INSANELY hot, reaching into the 90's on the … Continue reading Ozark Trail – Taum Sauk Section Hike

Latest Trip Update…

Back home and starting to dig through the pics from the trip to Boise and Yellowstone.  Details to come.  The trip into the Tetons got nixed due to a forest fire so we spent an extra day in Yellowstone.  Below are a few pics that I've pulled out so far. “Think of all of the … Continue reading Latest Trip Update…


Appalachian Trail, Beautiful Colors and Bears!

Excellent trip so far.  Since we were staying the first night at Smokemont we stuck on 40 through Davenport Gap and got off on 276.  Once we hit 19 I figured we would just have to fight through the traffic in Cherokee to get into the park. Instead, we got on the Blueridge Parkway and … Continue reading Appalachian Trail, Beautiful Colors and Bears!



Finally posted the rest of the pics so be sure to check those out.  So, these now include the afternoon in Cades Cove following the Gregory Bald trip, the 2-night Lynn Camp Prong trip (aka "The Jungle Hike"), the afternoon at the Mountain Farm Museum in Oconaluftee and the short trip to Deep Creek.  Not … Continue reading Finished!