Spring 2018 AT Section Hike – Some Final Thoughts

It's taken me forever (like 6 weeks or so) to get around to the postscript of this Spring's trip.  Crazy!  I finally made it through the pics of the AT section hike and have updated the link on the Appalachian Trail page under "Old Droppings" accordingly.  That will get you to the Google Photos album.  … Continue reading Spring 2018 AT Section Hike – Some Final Thoughts


Shenandoah Album is up!

Made it through the pics from the Shenandoah AT section hike a couple of weeks ago and put an album of those up.  You can find that here.  In the process I discovered that the time was off on Loonie's T5i.  By approx 13 hrs!  That made going through them a challenge when trying to … Continue reading Shenandoah Album is up!