What’s Next…

First, here's a few other interesting pics from the trip that I ran across today: Here's what's in store for 2016: April or May - Deep Woods and I will continue our long, slow slog north, starting at Standing Bear Farm just north of I-40 and finishing in Irwin, TN, right around 100 trail miles. … Continue reading What’s Next…



On our way home.  To sum it up... AT hike: FREAKIN AWESOME!  My favorite place in the park is just about anywhere on the AT. Amazing. You can hop on it and in a 1/4 mile all of the insanity of the rest of the place melts away.  Peace and quiet and the vast majority … Continue reading Summary


Finally posted the rest of the pics so be sure to check those out.  So, these now include the afternoon in Cades Cove following the Gregory Bald trip, the 2-night Lynn Camp Prong trip (aka "The Jungle Hike"), the afternoon at the Mountain Farm Museum in Oconaluftee and the short trip to Deep Creek.  Not … Continue reading Finished!