A Bunch Of Thoughts On Gear After the Spring 2018 Hike

Katadyn's BeFree Filter:  Great...but... Deep Woods and I each used a Katadyn BeFree this time around, filtering nearly 40 liters apiece over the course of the trip.  Not enough to give a fair evaluation, especially considering that nearly all sources filtered from were clear and gunk-free.  No issues whatsoever though.  Flow rate was great.  Certainly better … Continue reading A Bunch Of Thoughts On Gear After the Spring 2018 Hike


To The Mountains We Go!

Almost go time.  The next time you hear from me it'll likely be from the trail somewhere.  Deep Woods and his brother-in-law are just about set.  We'll all meet up in Abingdon, VA the night before we make the quick trip to Mt Rogers Outfitters in Damascus to catch our shuttle. The elevation profile for … Continue reading To The Mountains We Go!


Finally put some time aside to get back here and post an update.  I've been busy with family, projects at home, work, etc. over the last few months.  Trail-life has taken a backseat to more pressing matters.  However, I'm happy to report that Deep Woods and I will be resuming our AT trek in the coming … Continue reading Update…