Shenandoah Album is up!

Made it through the pics from the Shenandoah AT section hike a couple of weeks ago and put an album of those up.  You can find that here.  In the process I discovered that the time was off on Loonie's T5i.  By approx 13 hrs!  That made going through them a challenge when trying to … Continue reading Shenandoah Album is up!


Shenandoah National Park AT Section Hike: Days 5 – 9

We started our zero day at Big Meadows off with breakfast at the lodge and then headed over to the campground to do laundry.  That accomplished, we hiked up to the summit of Blackrock and then spent the rest of the afternoon stuffing everything we could do without for the rest of the hike into … Continue reading Shenandoah National Park AT Section Hike: Days 5 – 9


Finally put some time aside to get back here and post an update.  I've been busy with family, projects at home, work, etc. over the last few months.  Trail-life has taken a backseat to more pressing matters.  However, I'm happy to report that Deep Woods and I will be resuming our AT trek in the coming … Continue reading Update…