GSMNP Reboot…

The post title pretty much sums it up. We are NOT in Arkansas hiking the Buffalo River Trail.  And no, we are NOT in Rocky Mountains National Park like we had planned prior to deciding to do the Arkansas trip instead.  Since my last post many moons ago, a series of events unfolded that led to multiple postponements of the Arkansas trip.  Reservations were made and then canceled, made again only to be canceled once more.  Additionally, I anxiously watched the Buffalo River levels rise and fall, only to see them rise and fall again and again. That’s what rivers do I suppose.  I knew we would have a few wet crossings on our hands.  Or is it feet?  Regardless, exercising an over-abundance of caution, for Loonie’s sake, or at least that’s the excuse I’m using now, I concluded that we would make an attempt to do the trail in the Fall.  My anxiety over the thought of her being washed away with the tide got the better of me.  It should be noted that my fears related to getting from one side of the creek to the other were unfounded.  It just so happens that the river levels at Boxley and Ponca are currently very low and we would’ve likely made it across even Steel Creek with no more than wet feet.  I gotta say that I am in no way surprised.  The question became “What do we do now?”

As I’ve said before, the long drive to and from the AT is starting to wear on us and we’re looking to explore some areas closer to home.  However, there are at least a few more areas of Great Smoky Mountains National Park that we’ve been wanting to explore.  With that in mind, we decided one more trip, at least until retirement or we change our minds yet again, was in order.   Despite our propensity to diddle fart around and move like snails up the trail (what’s the rush…we’re on vacation), we have a lot of ground to cover this trip.  “A lot of ground” is being generous.  It’s all relative and I can assure you that its really not that much.  Regardless, we’ll be in no hurry and are looking forward to a few leisurely strolls, rain or shine.  Details to follow shortly.  The Reboot is about to begin!

More to come…


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