Who’s Counting?

First, I did get a link together for the album of pics from this last trip.  You can get there from here.  Pretty disappointing how most came out but at least we have something to look back on.  We have got to get our hands on some phones with better cameras.  Wouldn’t do me much good but I’m sure Loonie could get some really nice shots.

Now then, I often find myself fixating WAY too much on where I stand with respect to the number of miles remaining to complete the AT.  My journey thus far consists of a hodge-podge of sections…not one contiguous, point-to-point trek…so I began tallying up where I stand after the hike earlier this month.  It didn’t take long before I stopped and asked myself “What the heck are you doing?  Stop focusing on finishing.  It’s about the journey, Bonehead!”  I started looking at pictures from earlier trips and reflecting on all of the amazing places I had been, experiences I had and people I had met.  Then it occurred to me that maybe I was merely longing to be back.  To be experiencing the journey…again.  Maybe all along what I’ve really been doing is wondering “If I was blessed enough to have had such a rewarding journey thus far, what else lies ahead?”  Is it possible that I’m concerned that there are only so many more miles to go and then there will be no more journey?  Maybe.

Ridiculous thought, I know.  After all, even if I’m fortunate enough to hike the entire AT, there are plenty of other trails I would happily set off on.  So, I’ll keep reminding myself to be grateful for what I’ve had the opportunity to do and look forward in anticipation to the next chance to experience more of the journey!

That in mind, here’s what I’m looking forward to this Fall:

  1. After the “shelter in-place” orders started going out earlier in the year and the ATC called for people to stay off the trail, Deep Woods and I canceled the trip from VA Route 42 (Bear Garden Hostel) to Pearisburg, VA, approx 79 trail miles.  We hope to do that in September.
  2. The Smokies trip that Loonie and I planned for October is likely going to change to a trip back to Virginia and Pennsylvania.  We’re thinking about finishing the rest of the Shenandoah’s and filling in the gap between there and Bears Den Hostel further north.  Then we’ll move up to PA and continue on from Pine Grove Furnace State Park to either Boiling Springs or Carlisle PA.

If…and this is a HUGE “IF”…we’re able to do all of that then, with the exception of a 200 mile gap in central VA, I’ll have walked all the way from Amicalola Falls, GA to Boiling Springs (or Carlisle), PA.  More than halfway.  Not that it matters but as of now I’ve done approximately 720 miles.

But who’s counting?

More to come…


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