First Gallery is Up!

Little by little, I’ve been making my way through all of the pics from this last trip.  I finally put up a link to the gallery for mine and Loonie’s four-day backpacking trip on the AT and down to Cades Cove, which you can find here.  Many of these pics were covered in my posts for each day of the trip but there’s still a lot of new stuff in there.

Still on the galleries agenda:

  1. The day hike to the Walker Sisters’ Cabin and the spot where we found the Yellow Lady Slippers
  2. Mine and Deep Woods four days on the AT before getting off the trail due to the forest fire
  3. The overnight trip on the AT over Max Patch that Loonie and I did with her sister.

So, a LOT of pics to sort through yet.  Seeing as how Loonie is such a busy gal these days, watching Itty Bitty and all, and won’t be getting around anytime soon to getting her site setup, I’m going to go ahead and redo some of the “Favorite Droppings” here.  Definitely everything under the “Flora” and “Fauna” catagories.  I’ll update the others accordingly as well.  Once I do, I’ll be sure to let ya all know.

Looks like there will be no backpacking in the next few months and that’s disappointing but there are other exciting things planned in the meantime.  Loonie and I will be spending some time with the kids down at Big Cedar in a week or so and we can’t wait for that!  We have been looking forward to that for a LONG time now.  The week-long trip to Boise and Yellowstone with mom in August is all set.  That should be very cool as I have never seen that part of the country.  It should at least give Loonie and I some idea of the layout of the area for when we come back and do some serious hiking and backpacking.  And, we may still try to get back to the Smokies for a week in September or October but that’s all very tentative right now.  We’ll see.  Maybe we can sneak in a weekend trip here and there but I have a MOUNTAIN of “Living Amends” staring me in the face that I need to take care of so maybe I should just go there!  Gives new meaning to John Muir’s “The mountains are calling and I must go” doesn’t it?

“Think of all of the beauty still left all around you and be happy.”   ~ Anne Frank

More to come…


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