We’re Stayin’

Alright, just one more day.  We farted around yesterday and only got to the Oconaluftee Visitors Center and the Mountain Farm Museum.  We didn’t even stick around for the elk, though we saw a couple in the woods.  We were freakin’ exhausted!  We did reserve a site at Smokemont for tonight as we’re checking out of Mountain Loft this morning.  So the plan now is to go over there, setup camp, hike to Chasteen Creek Cascades, run to Deep Creek (which is an area we haven’t been to yet), hike to Juney Whank Falls, Indian Creek Falls, and Tom Branch Falls, and then back to Ocanluftee to see the elk.  Busy day so we gotta get going!

Ocunaluftee River

Ocunaluftee River

It’ll take weeks to get through all of the pics from the trip and get a gallery together (Loonie’s shot almost 30 gb just on the T5i alone, though that does include RAWs) but hopefully we’ve got some of the best stuff to date.  And I still have a ton to go back and cleanup and add here (I found a bunch of mistakes in yesterday’s post.  What’s up with that?).  Oh, and I noticed that I totally screwed up the “Favorite Droppings” page so I went back and fixed that and added a bunch more pics there.  Be sure to check that out.  Doesn’t include any from this trip yet obviously.  Cut me some slack!

And this pick is for Steve.  See, you would feel right at home here!


More to come…


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